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  • The Suicide (Editions Inculte, Actes Sud), France
  • Nowhere Near Hollywood (Honest Publishing), UK
  • Putain D’Olivia, new translation (Editions La Dragonne), France
  • Stories, Poems, And Lyrics (Kicking Books), France
  • Hating Olivia, (Whitefly Press), Italy

12 June Updates

From October 2018 to January 2019, Mark SaFranko, an American writer, painter and musician from New Jersey, was the first author in residence at Université de Lorraine in Nancy. During his four-month residence, Mark took part in numerous academic, public and media events in Nancy and the Grand Est region. This volume provides insights into some of these events and displays various aspects of the work carried out during this very active period – from interviews about his literary creation and its critical reception, to personal or collective translation projects around his works, and an exhibition of his pictorial self-portraits. These variegated fragments of creative endeavours will allow readers of this volume to grasp the warm and open personality of a multitalented artist, a jack of all trades who offers first-hand testimony and candid reflections on the practice of his arts.

Édition Première édition

Langues anglais, français

Éditeur Presses universitaires de Nancy – Editions Universitaires de Lorraine

Support Livre broché

Nb de pages 276 p. Bibliographie .

ISBN-10 2814305379

ISBN-13 9782814305373

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